Why Micronutrient Testing is Important

Why is nutrient testing is important? Because…

  • All enzymes perform specific functions in the body to maintain health and when micronutrients are not available, the job of those enzymes cannot not be performed.
  • Enzymes and their co-factors are involved in billions of reactions in our bodies every day: making energy inside our cells, repairing damaged tissue, detoxifying harmful substances, digesting food, making neurotransmitters and hormones and much more.
  • The organs and glands contain the highest concentration of nutrients anywhere in the body, which demonstrates the importance of nutrient status to their optimal function.
  • Our diets are unique. Our genetics are unique. We have different exercise routines, stress levels, and absorption rates. All of these factors, and more, combine to create unique nutrient needs. Getting micronutrient testing prevents guessing. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
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