Plasma Triglycerides (fats) lowered with vitamin D supplementation

Fifty-six patients with hypercholesterolemia were divided into two groups – half receiving 2000 IU/ day of vitamin D and half receiving a placebo for six months. In the supplemented group, triglycerides were decreased by 28 mg/dL more than in the placebo group. The result was even more dramatic in patients whose vitamin D levels were lower than 30ng/mL at baseline (commonly accepted as a deficient level). In these deficient patients, the difference in reduced triglycerides between supplemented and placebo was 37 mg/dL. In our office I like to see my patient at least at 40ng/ml and below 80ng/ml. Since vitamin D converts into a hormonal form of D its important to get a blood test to know a baseline of your D status, that way you do not overdose into the hormonal form.
(Clinical Nutrition, April 2015)

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