Dr. Matthew Marcotte DC, CFMP

Our Functional Medicine Practioner is originally from Ontario, Canada and has choosen to call Columbus, Ohio home. He has attained a Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Windsor majoring in human biology. Dr. Marcotte is a graduate of Logan University of Chiropractic attaining his doctorate in Chiropractic Degree. His passions are to help heal people with chronic problems in their health and watch the transformations from a non-functioning body to one that functions and heals the way the human body was intended to do. He has attained his certification in functional diagnostic medicine in 2013.

Dr. Marcotte has spoken at educational establishments such as high schools, universities, and corporate businesses on many topics, including the importance of proper balance and systems of the body. He views a persons health as the most important possession someone has throughout their life and will do whatever it takes to help meet the health goals of any individual.

His enthusiasm is apparent the moment you meet and are welcomed into the clinic. We love his famous quote “Treat your body like the Ferrari that it is and deserves, then will have the ride of your life.”